Red Rapid

 Custom built web site & QR code for tracking of colleague results 

• Fast delivery of devices 

• Cost effective stock control 

• User friendly, simple 

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Antibody & Antigen

Accredited device 

• Reliable supply 

• Cost effective 

• Easy to use 

• Can provide training 

• Full ongoing support 


Not everybody can work from their office – some careers take people all over the world. If you have employees that are not based at a static location then Racoo Screening’s Red Rapid Antigen test kit is ideal. Invidually packaged kits with thorough instructions and a personalised tracking system ensure testing can be carried out anywhere in the world by any individual and also monitored if required.

It couldn’t be easier for employees to self test! They simply scan a QR code on their test and they’re taken to an instructional video and a page where they can submit their results.

Racoo Screening has custom built an exclusive online tracking system for our corporate clients. We have a dedicated team managing the system and each company gets exclusive login to view and access their employees results.

Current clients love our Red Rapid Antigen as less wastage occurs due to the fact that the tests are packaged individually. Only hand out the amount of tests you need instead of sending out full boxes only to be partially used!

All of our devices are CE certified. Every device Racoo Screening uses is not only approved but stored and transported to the required standards.

Racoo Screening has a reliable supply chain that can ship a large quantity of testing kits with a very fast turnaround. We hold a large amount of stock ourselves and can usually ship out most orders immediately!

“We found Racoo to be the best value solution for our ferry business as we could distribute kits to each individual crew member for regular testing. Their bespoke solution and communication is outstanding and we think they’re all just really really great”.

– Global Shipping & Logistics company