Covid-19 Workforce Testing

Employees safety and peace of mind is very important. By regularly testing you ensure that the environment your employees are in is not only the safest it can be but will also help them relax knowing they are less at risk.

Collecting a reliable sample for a COVID test isn’t the easiest thing to do. For the most reliable result we suggest using one of our experienced and friendly sample collection officers. No result can ever be guaranteed, but you’re much more likely to get a result from a correctly collected sample.

Racoo Screening Ltd is UKAS accredited and submits all of their results to Public Health England. Whether it’s on-site testing, testing at our drive-in centre or a self-administered rapid testing we ensure your results are submitted properly every single day.

Your employees time is precious. Save on distracting their working day by having one of our specialist sample collectors fulfil the testing requirements so your team can focus on what is most important.

Our team is always available for ongoing support with your testing. We can provide systems support, re-training, further documents or whatever else you may need. There is always a friendly member of our team available on the phone for any support you may need.

Our fully-trained, experienced sample collection officers always provide a friendly and professional service. We pride ourselves on having a very approachable team who are regularly complimented on how pleasant the process is.

At Racoo Screening we have a team of private drivers that exclusively deliver samples to the laboratory. We don’t rely on the post for anything so we have complete control of where your samples are at all times. This means we can provide a much faster and more efficient service than most competitors.

To find out more about how Racoo Screening can help your organisation with Compliant Covid-19 Testing Solutions. Call or message our dedicated covid team on 01793 677480

Not everybody can work from their office – some careers take people all over the world. If you have employees that are not based at a static location then Racoo Screening’s Red Rapid Antigen test kit is ideal. Invidually packaged kits with thorough instructions and a personalised tracking system ensure testing can be carried out anywhere in the world by any individual and also monitored if required.