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Testing methods Racoo recommends for Sport & Events

Routine & Random

Random screening for drugs and alcohol

Breath Alcohol Test

Passive testing for alcohol on a start grid or line-up.


For-cause/suspicion screening for drugs and alcohol

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Employee Training

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A key element within any drug and alcohol programme is the need to help the workforce gain an insight into the nature and prevalence of the problems posed by alcohol and drugs. Racoo Screening offer awareness training for managers and supervisors in the recognition of possible signs and indicators of drug and alcohol misuse. Each course is tailored to include your organisation’s industry, maritime working practices and ethos. We provide an individual, company-branded clics portal to deploy the training courses to your employees wherever they are.

Testing & training in one place


Clics incorporates a vast e-learing and resources area for employees and managers to be better informed of drug and alcohol misuse in the the workplace.

Clics makes it easy to schedule your employees for a random or for cause substance screening and multiple occupational health checks.

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