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DNA testing for legal professionals

Get DNA & paternity testing for legal purposes with Racoo Screening.

DNA evidence can make the difference in resolving legal disputes swiftly and definitively.

Biological relationships often come under scrutiny in legal cases such as paternity disputes, child custody battles, inheritance claims, and immigration issues.

Lack of irrefutable evidence can lead to protracted legal proceedings, financial burdens, and emotional strain for all parties involved.

At Racoo Screening, our customer service team handles your case end-to-end, coordinating directly with your client for all appointments.

Our skilled collection officers secure DNA sample collection, maintaining an unbroken chain of custody, all with full confidentiality.

So, once you instruct us to support you, you can get on with other legal matters.

So, once you instruct us to support you, you can get on with other legal matters.

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Get fast DNA testing to build your strong legal case

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Strengthen Your Legal Case

DNA evidence provides irrefutable proof of biological relationships, making your case stronger and more compelling in court.

Expedite legal proceedings

Avoid the delays and complications that arise from inconclusive or disputed evidence. Our fast and accurate DNA tests can speed up the resolution of legal cases.

Ensure compliance with legal standards

Our DNA tests are ISO 17025 accredited and follow strict ‘chain of custody’ procedures, ensuring the results are legally permissible.

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Tailored to your legal needs

We provide relationship legal DNA testing with a full chain of custody and approved for use in UK courts.

  • Next day* Legal DNA testing as standard
  • Same day* Legal DNA testing available if required
  • Most competitively priced laboratory in the UK
  • UKAS accredited testing Laboratory ISO 17025
  • Ministry of Justice accredited to carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under Section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969
  • Chain of custody maintained
  • Sample collection service available for many UK locations
  • Statement of Witness reports available on request

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Why Racoo?

Tailored solutions

At Racoo, we offer bespoke drug and alcohol testing solutions tailored to fit the specific needs and challenges of your legal case or business. Whether you’re a legal firm, a small enterprise or a large corporation, we design our services to align seamlessly with your objectives.

Racoo Screening

Over 20 years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience implementing workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, DNA testing, and infectious disease screening. Having worked with both commercial and public sector organisations. We know how to foster a safer workplace for you.

Racoo Screening

Accredited compliance with your sector’s standards

Our packages can include psychological assessments and care pathways based on your needs. Costs vary depending on employee numbers. For one-off tests, complete our quick quote form, and our team will promptly get in touch.

Racoo Screening

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About pre-employment drug testing in the workplace

What is DNA testing for legal purposes?2023-09-29T15:23:10+01:00

DNA testing for legal purposes involves using a DNA testing kit to obtain a DNA sample, often a saliva sample, for use in legal cases. The test results are processed in an accredited laboratory.

Why is DNA testing important in legal cases?2023-09-29T15:24:21+01:00

DNA testing provides accurate results that can confirm paternity, family history, and more. It’s crucial for child maintenance cases, reducing the increased risk of legal complications.

Are Racoo tests chain of custody compliant?2023-09-29T15:25:14+01:00

Yes, Racoo drug and alcohol tests are chain of custody compliant. We prioritise strict adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our testing processes. Chain of custody compliance is a crucial aspect of our testing procedures, especially in situations involving workplace drug testing or legal proceedings.

How is the DNA sample collected?2023-09-29T15:28:02+01:00

A saliva sample is typically collected using a DNA testing kit. Our customer service team ensures the process is smooth and the sample reaches our accredited laboratory within one working day.

Is the DNA testing procedure suitable for legal purposes?2023-09-29T15:27:48+01:00

Yes, our DNA test results are processed in an accredited laboratory, making them legally defensible. This is vital for paternity test results and other legal matters.

How quickly can I get paternity test results?2023-09-29T15:27:33+01:00

You can expect your paternity test result within one working day from when the DNA sample reaches our accredited laboratory.

Can DNA testing help with child maintenance cases?2023-09-29T15:34:42+01:00

Absolutely, our DNA testing service provides peace of mind by confirming the alleged father of the child and aiding in child maintenance decisions.

Is the test including risks?2023-09-29T15:29:39+01:00

Our DNA tests are non-invasive, minimising any increased risk. They offer peace of mind with accurate results.

Can DNA testing reveal family history?2023-09-29T15:33:42+01:00

Yes, our DNA testing can delve into your family history, offering insights beyond just identifying the father of the child.

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