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Logistics and warehouse drug & alcohol testing

Ensure a safe and compliant warehouse environment with tailored drug and alcohol testing.


of on-the-job accidents are related to substance abuse [1].

Drug use has been shown to affect the logistics sector through lost productivity, workplace accidents and injuries, employee absenteeism, low morale, and increased illness [1].

All of this can cause your warehouse & logistics firm to experience:

  • Reduced safety: Substance use can reduce coordination, which could increase the risk of accidents while operating your heavy machinery like forklifts.
  • Reduced productivity: Employees who are struggling with substance use disorders may miss work or be less productive while at work, which can impact the overall productivity of your warehouse.
  • Reputational damage: As an employer, you have a legal duty to protect your employees’ health, safety, and welfare, and failure to do so could result in legal action.
  • Legal & financial consequences: Incidents resulting from substance abuse could result in bad PR, legal challenges and a struggle to attract and retain staff.

Whether you’re an HR manager in the logistics sector or oversee warehouse operations, using Racoo’s expertise in drug and alcohol testing can help you identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

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Implement warehouse drug testing to foster a safe and compliant working environment

Create a safe warehouse environment

Regular drug and alcohol tests can deter employees from substance misuse, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of all staff.

Keep your operations efficient

By ensuring that employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you can maintain high levels of safety and efficiency, protecting your company from productivity downturns and legal and PR risks.

Uphold your workplace policies

Racoo’s fully managed drug and alcohol screening service can be tailored to your company’s policies, ensuring compliance without the hassle of managing the testing process in-house.

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How can warehouse drug testing benefit your logistics operations?

As an employer, you have a legal duty to protect your employees’ health, safety, and welfare.

Working in the warehouse & logistics sector, with many potential workplace hazards, you may choose to add a testing for drugs policy to ensure that employees are not under the influence of drugs while operating heavy machinery like forklifts.

Warehouse drug and alcohol testing involves screening employees for substance misuse.

Tests can be conducted post-accident, based on suspicions, or as part of a routine preventive program.

Racoo Screening offers various testing methods, including urine tests, saliva drug tests, and more. Our tests can detect a range of substances, from illegal drugs to prescription medications.

  • Fully managed service: Let us handle the testing procedures, so you can focus on core operations.

  • Customised to your needs: We offer solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the logistics sector.
  • Legal and ethical testing: Ensure health and safety at work while adhering to data protection and other legal standards.

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Get your policy reviewed

Benefit from Racoo’s extensive experience in substance screening for the logistics sector.

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Random drug & alcohol testing

Why Racoo?

Tailored solutions

At Racoo, we provide bespoke drug and alcohol testing solutions designed for the warehouse and logistics sector, ensuring that testing procedures align with your operational needs.

Racoo Screening

Over 20 years of experience

With decades of expertise in workplace drug and alcohol testing, we understand the unique challenges faced by the logistics sector and offer solutions that uphold safety critical standards such as ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.

Racoo Screening

Accredited compliance with maritime standards

Our testing adheres to standards set by the European Workplace Drug Testing Society. Our partner labs are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service and The British Standards Institution, ensuring reliable and compliant testing.

Racoo Screening

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About drug testing in warehouses and logistics

Why is drug and alcohol testing important in the logistics and warehouse sector specifically?2023-10-27T15:09:29+01:00

For safety and efficiency, it’s vital to ensure warehouse staff aren’t impaired. Drug and alcohol misuse can lead to accidents, affecting operations and risking lives [2].

What types of drug tests are available, and which one is most suitable for warehouse employees?2023-10-27T15:11:59+01:00

Urine tests, being accurate and affordable, are the most common type of test in the warehouse & Facilities sector [3].

Urine Test Detects recent and past drug use. Ideal for random tests due to its non-invasive nature and cost-effectiveness.

Saliva Test Identifies recent drug intake. Quick, hygienic, and suitable for on-site testing, ensuring immediate results.

Hair Test Reveals long-term drug history. Provides a comprehensive overview of up to 90 days, highlighting patterns of misuse.

Breath Test Specifically measures alcohol levels. Instant results make it ideal for on-the-spot checks, ensuring immediate safety.

Blood Test Most accurate for current intoxication although not often used by employers. Though invasive, it provides a precise snapshot of substances in one’s system at the time of testing.

How accurate are these tests, and what is the likelihood of false positives or negatives?2023-10-27T15:12:41+01:00

Racoo’s drug screening tests are highly accurate and accredited inline with UK ISO standards. False positives, though rare, can occur due to certain medications or foods.

How can my company implement random drug testing without infringing on employees’ rights or privacy?2023-10-27T15:13:31+01:00

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) recommends you follow a clear policy, gain consent, and maintain confidentiality. Always follow UK data protection and employment laws [2].

What is the procedure if an employee tests positive?2023-10-27T15:14:02+01:00

Typically, you’ll arrange a confirmatory test. If the result comes back positive, your company may arrange help for your employee, such as counselling, or enact disciplinary measures, based on company policy [4].

Are there any legal implications or requirements I should be aware of when2023-10-27T15:15:02+01:00

Yes, testing your employees is legal but not mandatory. Your company should consider UK employment rights, data protection, and health and safety regulations. Always seek legal advice before conducting testing on your employees [5].

How frequently should we conduct these tests, and should they be scheduled or random?2023-10-27T15:15:41+01:00

It’s up to you how often you test. Some companies test one a month, others may test twice year. Your testing frequency will depend on:

  • Your company policy
  • The number of safety-critical roles in your workplace
  • Whether you suspect substance misuse

Random tests can be more effective as a deterrent, but scheduling can ensure regularity.

What substances can the tests detect?2023-10-27T15:16:25+01:00

Tests detect illegal drugs, alcohol, and some prescription medications. Specifics vary by test type.

How do we handle situations where employees are on prescription medications that might affect the test results?2023-10-27T15:17:05+01:00

Inform employees to declare prescriptions beforehand. A medical review officer can then assess any positive results for valid medical reasons [6].

What kind of support or training does Racoo offer to help us implement and manage a drug and alcohol testing program effectively?2023-10-27T15:18:41+01:00

Racoo offers bespoke solutions, training, and full support tailored to your company’s unique needs, ensuring effective and compliant testing.

What is the most common drug test for warehouse employees?2023-10-27T15:19:09+01:00

The most common type is the urine test, known for its accuracy and affordability. Racoo offers drug testing kits for warehouses using both urine and saliva samples.

Can employers conduct random tests in warehouses?2023-10-27T15:20:00+01:00

Yes, employers can conduct random drug and alcohol tests, especially if there’s a suspected issue. However, it’s essential to ensure that testing procedures adhere to data protection and other legal standards.

What drugs can be detected in a saliva drug test?2023-10-27T15:20:34+01:00

Saliva drug tests can detect various substances, from recreational drugs to certain prescription medications.

What actions can be taken if an employee tests positive?2023-10-27T15:21:09+01:00

The HSE outlines 7 steps to consider taking if your company discovers an employee is under the influence of substances [2]:

  1. Understand your legal duties to protect your employee
  2. Chat with your employee to understand their perspective
  3. Assess your safety-critical workers and decide if your need an accident investigation
  4. Evaluate your drugs policy to ensure it’s understood and watertight
  5. Give support through education, resources and counselling options
  6. Decide if your employee will face disciplinary action
  7. Review your policy in terms of the current UK law.


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