Manager & Supervisor Training

A key element within any drug and alcohol programme is the need to help the workforce gain an insight into the nature and prevalence of the problems posed by alcohol and drugs.

Each course is tailored to include your organisation’s industry, working practices and ethos. We provide an individual, company-branded Manager guide to accompany the training course. The course, whether half or full day, acts as a great mechanism to inform managers and supervisors of their responsibilities and provide them with the necessary skillset to deal with this difficult issue.

Racoo Screening offer awareness training for managers and supervisors in the recognition of possible signs and indicators of drug and alcohol misuse. Within the course, the following areas are also covered in detail:

  • Policy objectives and group discussion
  • Manager responsibilities
  • Workplace indicators and consequences
  • Stages of use and dependency
  • The law and associated punishments
  • Signs and symptoms of drug abuse
  • Testing procedures
  • Practical scenarios
  • Group work, drug and alcohol related incidents
  • Questions and answers

Employee Training

A useful approach in educating the workforce is to provide a branded information booklet. This can also be supported via the company intranet, video, roadshows and workshops.

Areas documented include:

  • How drugs and alcohol affect the workplace
  • The company’s attitude to substance misuse
  • The risks and effects of substance misuse
  • The law
  • Employees’ responsibility
  • Counselling and support available

E-Learning LMS content and Systems




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