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Renewable energy drug and alcohol testing2023-11-15T14:41:34+00:00

Renewable energy drug and alcohol testing

Ensure the safety and compliance of your renewable energy workforce with tailored drug and alcohol testing.


more workplace accidents occur due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs [1].

Substance misuse in the renewable energy sector can lead to decreased work efficiency, safety hazards, and potential legal liabilities.

This may look like:

  • Increased accidents and injuries: Substance abuse can increase the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries, which can lead to increased healthcare costs, lost work time, and damage to equipment [2].
  • Negative work behaviours: Substance abuse can lead to negative work behaviours such as absenteeism and frequent job changes [2].
  • Increased risk of damage to property, machinery, or systems: Substance abuse can cause damage to property, machinery, or systems, which may create unsafe conditions for employees and visitors [2].
  • Decreased concentration: Alcoholism in the workplace can cause a lack of concentration and coordination which can lead to accidents [5]. For example, in an Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) report, of all the factors involved in rope access accident and incident reports, ‘Failure to recognise and identify hazard(s)’ was the most common [8].

Whether you’re in HR management or part of the wider leadership team in the renewable energy sector, using Racoo’s expertise in drug and alcohol testing can help you identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

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Ensure a safe and compliant work environment with Racoo’s renewable energy drug testing

Promote a safe work environment

Testing can deter employees from substance misuse, potentially reducing workplace incidents. Regular screening supports the overall well-being of your workforce.

Maintain an efficient workforce

Random drug testing and pre-employment drug testing can ensure that your team remains focused and efficient, upholding the reputation of your energy and utility company.

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Remain compliant with industry standards

Our fully managed drug and alcohol screening service can be tailored to the policies of energy and utility industries, ensuring safety and compliance without the hassle of managing the testing process in-house.

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How can drug and alcohol testing support the renewable energy sector?

Testing involves checking employees for substance misuse, either based on specific incidents, suspicions, or as a preventive measure.

Racoo Screening offers various types of drug tests, such as urine drug tests and saliva tests.

Our kits can detect a range of substances, from recreational drugs to prescription medications taken without a valid prescription.

  • Fully managed service: So you can focus on core operations
  • Tailored to your needs: Bespoke solutions for the renewable energy sector
  • Legal and ethical testing: Ensure a safe and compliant work environment

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Get your policy reviewed

Benefit from Racoo’s experience in substance screening tailored for the renewable energy sector.

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Why partner with Racoo screening?

Tailored solutions

At Racoo, we offer bespoke drug and alcohol testing solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the renewable energy sector.

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Over 16 years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience implementing workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, DNA testing, and infectious disease screening, having worked with both commercial and public sector organisations. We know how to support you to foster a safer environment for staff.

Racoo Screening

Accredited compliance with your sector’s standards

Our partner laboratory facilities are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service and The British Standards Institution, ensuring every test aligns with industry standards.

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About drug testing in the renewable energy sector

What is the most common drug test for renewable energy employees?2023-10-09T15:47:23+01:00

The most common types are urine or saliva testing due to their accuracy and affordability. Racoo offers both urine and saliva samples for testing.

Can companies drug test employees in the renewable energy sector?2023-10-09T15:24:20+01:00

The most common type is urine testing due to their accuracy and affordability. Racoo offers both urine and saliva samples for testing.Yes, companies in the UK can conduct drug and alcohol testing, especially following specific incidents or as part of regular checks. The European Workplace Drug Testing Society (EWDTS) states that workplace drug testing in the UK is legal, but not enforceable by law and workers must always consent [REF3].

What are the legal considerations for drug screening in the renewable energy sector?2023-10-09T15:25:22+01:00

UK government guidelines stipulate employers must obtain consent for drug testing, typically via a health and safety policy in employment contracts or handbooks. Testing should be limited, random, and not target specific employees unless job-specific or through post-accident drug tests. While workers can decline tests, refusal may lead to disciplinary action if testing grounds are valid. Employers should test for core drug groups like cannabis, cocaine, and opiates [REF4].

Do companies in the renewable energy sector need a drug policy?2023-10-12T10:58:07+01:00

Yes, it’s advised for companies to have a clear drug policy that addresses prevention, education, and handling of drug-related incidents. You can learn more about how to create one here.

How often should employees in the renewable energy sector be tested?2023-10-09T15:26:50+01:00

The frequency of drug and alcohol testing for UK employees in the renewable energy sector is not universally mandated and can vary based on company policy, industry standards, and specific job roles. 

However, given the high-risk nature of many tasks in the renewable energy sector, regular testing is advisable. Common practices include:

What types of drug tests are most effective for the renewable energy sector?2023-10-09T15:27:29+01:00

Urine drug tests and saliva drug tests are commonly used due to their accuracy and affordability. The choice often depends on the specific substances being tested for and your company’s testing policy.

How does Racoo ensure the confidentiality of test results?2023-10-09T15:27:59+01:00

Racoo prioritises the privacy of individuals and ensures that all test results are confidential, shared only with authorised personnel, and stored securely in compliance with data protection regulations.

What happens if an employee tests positive for drugs or alcohol?2023-10-09T15:28:32+01:00

The consequences of a positive test result depend on your company’s policy. Common actions include mandatory counselling, suspension, re-testing, or termination, especially if safety is compromised.

Are there any legal considerations or rights employees should be aware of?2023-10-09T15:29:08+01:00

Employees have the right to be informed about the testing process, the substances being tested for, and the consequences of positive results. Testing should be conducted fairly, respecting employee rights and privacy.

How can companies in the renewable energy sector implement a drug and alcohol policy?2023-10-09T15:29:43+01:00

Companies can collaborate with experts like Racoo to develop a comprehensive policy tailored to their needs, ensuring it aligns with industry standards and legal requirements.

How does drug and alcohol testing contribute to the overall safety culture in the renewable energy sector?2023-10-09T15:30:19+01:00

Regular testing could help to promote a drug-free workplace, deter substance misuse, and emphasise the company’s commitment to safety, thereby fostering a culture of responsibility and care.

Can employees refuse to take a drug or alcohol test?2023-10-12T11:00:57+01:00

While employees can refuse, there may be consequences outlined in the company’s drug and alcohol policy. It’s essential for companies to communicate the importance of testing and its role in ensuring workplace safety. Learn more about this here.

Should I screen my rope access employees?2023-10-12T10:59:44+01:00

Yes. IRATA emphasises the importance of safety in rope access work. Given that the most common factor in accidents is the ‘Failure to recognise and identify hazard(s)’ [6], and considering the detrimental effects of alcoholism on concentration and coordination [7], it’s crucial to ensure employees are fit for the task. Therefore, it’s advisable to screen rope access employees to uphold these standards.


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