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Random Drug & Alcohol Testing at Work2023-11-15T14:18:19+00:00

Random drug & alcohol testing at work

Keep your team safe and productive with tailored random drug and alcohol testing.


of all industrial accidents in the workplace are related to substance use and abuse [1].

Substance abuse can cause impaired judgement [8], slower reaction times [9], and an increased risk of accidents in the workplace [4].

All can lead to problems including:

  • Decreased overall employee safety, which causes more sick days [5]
  • Increased disruptions, delays and legal issues causing decreased productivity [5]
  • Reduced employee compliance, which weakens workplace accountability [5]

Whether you work within Health and safety, HR or wider Management, conducting random drug and alcohol tests enables you to identify and address potential safety risks before they escalate.

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Random drug & alcohol testing

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Random drug & alcohol testing


Create a safe wORKING environment

Random drug and alcohol tests deter your employees from indulging in substance abuse, reducing the risk of accidents. Testing could support the safety of your workforce.

Increase productivity

Screening could help you work towards a workplace free from drug and alcohol abuse so your team remains productive. [6]

Random drug & alcohol testing
Random drug & alcohol testing


Ensure compliance easily

Our fully managed drug and alcohol screen service is tailored to your sector’s standards, helping you ensure compliance without having to manage the testing process yourself.

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Looking for random drug & alcohol testing? Racoo screening can help

Random drug & alcohol testing involves checking employees for substances without warning.

Usually, a company chooses to test a set number or percentage of workers every year. Since the selection is entirely random, any worker can be picked multiple times.

Keeping it random and unannounced makes the testing unpredictable, surprising your employees and making them much less likely to abuse substances at work [7].

  • Fully managed, so you can focus elsewhere
  • Tailored to your company’s needs
  • Flexible to suit your shifting priorities

Why Racoo?

Accredited compliance with your sector’s standards

Whether in logistics, construction, aviation or elsewhere, we know your sector has unique safety critical policies. That’s why our partner laboratory facilities are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service and The British Standards Institution to ensure every test meets your needs.

Racoo Screening

Over 20 years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience implementing workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, DNA testing, and infectious disease screening. Having worked with both commercial and public sector organisations. We know how to foster a safer workplace for you.

Racoo Screening

Tailored solutions

At Racoo, we offer bespoke drug and alcohol testing solutions tailored to fit the specific needs and challenges of your business. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, we design our services to align seamlessly with your objectives.

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About random drug testing in the workplace

Is it legal to drug test employees in the UK?2023-10-03T14:27:31+01:00

Yes, it’s legal to drug test employees in the UK, provided it’s included in the employment contract and is justified by health and safety reasons [2]. Random testing is permissible for safety-critical roles [3].

How common is drug testing in the UK?2023-09-18T14:46:12+01:00

Drug testing is standard in safety-critical sectors. Employers use it to ensure a safe working environment and deter drug or alcohol misuse.

What is the most common drug test for employment in the UK?2023-09-18T14:46:44+01:00

The most common type of test for employment is the saliva test or urine drug screen. They provide a drug test result based on sample collection, detecting recent drug use.

What is the most common type of random workplace employment drug testing?2023-09-18T14:47:21+01:00

The most common type of random testing at work is post-incident and point-of-care tests. Positive results can lead to disciplinary action, especially if under the influence of drugs.

What is unannounced drug and alcohol testing?2023-09-18T14:47:51+01:00

Unannounced drug and alcohol testing, often termed random testing, involves selecting employees without prior notice for drug testing at work. It aims to deter drug or alcohol misuse and ensure health and safety in the workplace.

What shows up on a random drug test?2023-09-18T14:48:50+01:00

A random drug test typically screens for multiple substances. The drug test result can detect drugs like cannabis, cocaine, opiates, and others. Sample collection methods, like urine or saliva, determine the detection window.

What is the most common false positive drug test?2023-09-18T14:49:37+01:00

Over-the-counter medications and certain foods can sometimes lead to false positive results. For instance, poppy seeds might trigger a positive result for opiates. It’s crucial to consider these factors during drug testing in the workplace to avoid unwarranted disciplinary action.


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