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FOR CAUSE drug testing at work

Reduce the risk of workplace incidents with quick for-cause drug testing.


of all industrial workplace fatalities are caused by individuals with substance use [1]

When you reasonably suspect that an employee is under the influence of drugs or alcohol within your workplace, the risk of accidents, injuries, and operational disruptions increases significantly.

Substance abuse within the workplace mean an employee may:

  • Damage property, machinery, or systems, which may create unsafe conditions for employees and visitors
  • Injure themselves in ways such as falling, cutting and burning
  • Impair their cognitive and motor skills, leading to accidents such as vehicle crashes, falls, and equipment malfunctions

If you work within Health and safety, HR or wider Management and you suspect an employee may be under the influence of substances, conducting for-cause drug and alcohol tests enables you to identify and address potential safety risks before they escalate.

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Get support to ensure a safe, productive and compliant team.

Random drug & alcohol testing

Immediately mitigate risks

This testing service is available 24 hours a day with a typical response time of 2 hours from receipt of request. for-cause drug testing enables quick action to remove an employee suspected of substance abuse from a safety-sensitive situation, reducing immediate risks.

Protect your company

Testing when you suspect an employee is under the influence of substances provides a documented, objective basis for disciplinary action, which can be crucial in legal disputes or regulatory compliance checks.

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Create a workplace safety culture

Our fully managed for-cause and post-accident drug and alcohol testing service helps you send a strong message to employees that substance abuse is not tolerated, reinforcing a safety culture.

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Looking for random drug & alcohol testing? Racoo screening can help

For-cause drug testing is a type of employment drug testing that enables you to find out if a suspected employee is under the influence of substances.

Racoo offers this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’ll usually reply within two hours of receiving your request.

Our drug and alcohol testing programme for-cause exists in four forms:


  • Post-incident drug testing: Testing occurs after a safety-related event to identify if substance use contributed to the incident
  • Post-accident drug testing: This is conducted after workplace accidents to determine if drugs or alcohol were factors.
  • Near miss for preventative measures: This testing is performed after a close-call event to assess if substance use nearly led to an accident.
  • Reasonable suspicion to guide action: This testing is used to confirm or deny suspicion when there’s credible evidence that an employee may be under the influence of a substance.


All for-cause testing allows for swift, evidence-based action to mitigate any immediate risks.

It provides a structured, legally defensible approach to handling such sensitive situations, supporting you in regulatory compliance to reduce your company’s liability.

for-cause drug and alcohol testing equips you with the means to act promptly and decisively to ensure workplace safety.

  • Immediate response, so you can get an answer when suspicions arise
  • Tailored to your company’s needs
  • Flexible to suit your shifting priorities

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Get expert substance screening for your operations.

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Random drug & alcohol testing

Why Racoo?

Tailored solutions

At Racoo, we offer timely for-cause drug and alcohol testing solutions to give your business an immediate answer to substance abuse questions. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, we can work with you for quick results.

Racoo Screening

Over 20 years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience implementing workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, DNA testing, and infectious disease screening. Having worked with both commercial and public sector organisations. We know how to foster a safer workplace for you.

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Accredited compliance with your sector’s standards

Whether in logistics, construction, aviation or elsewhere, we know your sector has unique safety critical policies. That’s why our partner laboratory facilities are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service and The British Standards Institution to ensure every test meets your needs.

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About for-cause drug testing in the workplace

Is it legal to drug test employees in the UK?2023-10-03T14:27:31+01:00

Yes, it’s legal to drug test employees in the UK, provided it’s included in the employment contract and is justified by health and safety reasons [2]. Random testing is permissible for safety-critical roles [3].

What is a drug and alcohol test for-cause?2023-09-29T11:12:08+01:00

Your workplace will need a for-cause drug and alcohol test when you suspect substance misuse, such as after a workplace accident, near-miss event, or based on reasonable suspicion. The test aims to determine if drugs or alcohol contributed to the incident, which can help you decide the next steps.

Learn more about alcohol and drug testing FOR-cause


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