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College, University & School Drug Tests

Keep your school, college or university safe with tailored drug and alcohol testing.


of students have used drugs, according to a recent UK study [1].

Substance abuse while in education can cause decreased academic performance, behavioural problems, physical health risks and mental health concerns [2].

All can lead to problems for your institution, including:

  • Increased safety concerns for your students and staff due to drug and alcohol-related incidents [3].
  • Increased legal liabilities due to incidents related to substance abuse on your grounds [4].
  • Decreased student retention due to safety fears and reputation and academic decline [5].

Whether You Work Within Education Administration Or Wider Management, Using Racoo’s Support To Conduct Drug And Alcohol Tests Helps You To Spot Problems Before They Escalate.

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Get school drug tests to help you create a safe and compliant environment where your students can thrive.

School Drug Tests


Create a safe student environment

School alcohol tests could deter your students from substance abuse, potentially reducing the risk of incidents. Testing could support the wellbeing of students within your care.

Increase student retention

Screening could help your current students concentrate on their work, supporting academic excellence and keeping your institution’s reputation high.

School and education Drug Tests
University and School Drug Tests


Uphold your institution’s policies

Our fully managed drug and alcohol screen service can be tailored to your institution’s policies, helping you ensure safety without having to manage the testing process yourself.

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How can student drug testing support your high school, college or university?

Drug and alcohol testing involves checking students for substances and intoxication.

The testing can be conducted based on specific incidents, suspicions, or as part of a broader preventive program.

Additionally, for students preparing for work placements or valuable work experience, drug testing can be a crucial component to ensure a safe and responsible environment. In such cases, it is mandatory for a parent or guardian to be present during the testing process, ensuring transparency and fairness.

Racoo Screening’s test for drugs can be conducted using various methods, such as urine, saliva, or hair samples. Our drug tests can detect a range of substances, from recreational drugs to prescription medications taken without a valid prescription.

  • Fully managed, so you can focus elsewhere
  • Tailored to your company’s needs
  • Legal and ethical testing so you can provide a safe student environment

Get your policy reviewed

Get help with experienced student substance screening for your school, college or university.

School Drug and alcohol Tests

Why partner with Racoo Screening?

Accredited compliance with your sector’s standards

Given you work closely with children, we know you’ll have to work with unique safety, welfare and privacy responsibilities. That’s why our partner laboratory facilities are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service and The British Standards Institution to ensure every test meets your needs.

Racoo Screening

Over 20 years of experience

We have over 20 years of experience implementing workplace drug and alcohol testing programs, DNA testing, and infectious disease screening, having worked with both commercial and public sector organisations. We know how to support you to foster a safer environment for students and staff.

Racoo Screening

Tailored solutions

At Racoo, we offer bespoke drug and alcohol testing solutions tailored to fit your institution’s specific needs and challenges. Whether you’re a school, college or university, we design our services to fit the culture of your institution.

Racoo Screening


About drug testing in schools, colleges and universities.

What is the most common drug test for school students?2023-09-18T11:46:17+01:00

The most common type of drug test for school students in the UK is urine tests. They can detect a variety of drugs and are often used in student drug testing due to their accuracy and affordability. Racoo offers drug testing kits for schools as both urine and saliva samples.

Can schools drug test students?2023-09-18T11:46:50+01:00

Yes, schools in the UK can conduct drug and alcohol testing, especially if there’s a suspected drug problem. However, it’s typically linked to specific incidents or participation in extracurricular activities.

Can schools drug test students without parental consent?2023-09-18T11:48:00+01:00

Schools generally require parental consent for random drug testing of students, especially those under 16. Testing without consent can raise legal and ethical concerns.

Do schools have to have a drug policy?2023-09-18T11:49:27+01:00

Yes, high schools in the UK are advised to have a clear drug policy. This policy should address prevention, education, and the school’s handling of drug-related incidents.

Get help with experienced student substance screening for your school, college or university.

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Are school alcohol tests available in the UK?2023-09-18T11:52:02+01:00

Yes, schools in the UK can access alcohol tests, often as part of a broader drug and alcohol testing strategy to address potential issues and ensure student safety.

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Supporting At-Risk Drinkers (plus their family & friends)

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