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Bespoke policy writing for your organisation

We understand that no two organisations are the same; company policies will reflect these differences, individual working practices and company ethos. We consult with you to produce a policy which accounts for your circumstances.

What is the policy for?

Your drug and alcohol misuse policy is the fundamental element and most important part of your substance misuse programme. It should clearly define your organisation’s attitude to drug and alcohol misuse and should be compliant, underpinning the testing process.

Policy Aims

The key aims of the policy are to:

  • protect your organisation and its staff from the dangers caused by substance misuse
  • raise awareness of the potential negative impact caused by substance misuse
  • offer confidential support
  • safeguard your organisation’s image and reputation
  • comply with appropriate legislative requirements

Testing Methods

There are two common forms of testing method in the workplace environment; saliva/oral fluid and urine. Both types have been used for many years and, if chain of custody procedures followed correctly, will stand up in a court or tribunal. These two methods differ in collection and detection windows to evidence drug and/or alcohol misuse.

Why use Racoo Screening?

Racoo Screening has 16 years’ experience in assisting companies and other organisations with the development and management of their drug and alcohol programme, including their drug and alcohol misuse policy.

Whether you are a small business, large international corporate or public sector organisation, Racoo Screening can help with your individual requirements offering a professional, personal and flexible implementation and advice service.