Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol Testing

The testing for alcohol in the workplace is usually tackled by either breath or urine analysis. Alcohol is a volatile substance and hence is well suited to measurement in breath. One major advantage of breath alcohol analysis is the instant availability of a good quality alcohol result. In a workplace situation, this can be very valuable and means that a manager can take an immediate well-informed decision on how best to proceed in a given situation e.g. to prevent an employee undertaking a safety sensitive job following a breath alcohol result.

Evidential Alcohol Testing

Racoo Screening is able to provide a result using a Department for Transport approved, calibrated and evidential grade breath alcohol test instrument, the result of which would be admissible in court. The instrument has several built in functions; it performs an automatic accuracy check, ensures the subject provides a satisfactory ‘deep lung air’ breath sample and connects to a printer to confirm test results. Alternatively, a breath alcohol result can be followed up with a urine collection for laboratory analysis.

Alcohol Testing Collection

The Racoo Screening extensive sample collection network enables clients wherever based within the UK to take advantage of this service. Collections can take place on site or at a local clinic.

Please contact us if you require advice on setting your company alcohol limit or wish to purchase alcohol test instruments for your own use.


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Why use Racoo Screening?

Racoo Screening has 16 years’ experience in assisting companies and other organisations with the development and management of their drug and alcohol programme, including their drug and alcohol misuse policy.

Whether you are a small business, large international corporate or public sector organisation, Racoo Screening can help with your individual requirements offering a professional, personal and flexible implementation and advice service.