Construction remains one of the industries most affected by poor mental health. For those working in SMEs and sole traders, access to mental health support is limited. Poor mental health is one of the biggest contributing factors towards the misuse of drugs and alcohol, so it is in the interest of employers to ensure their employees have access to quality mental health services.

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has been working with members and charitable organisations to create opportunities for organisations to instigate change within their own workplace and promote positive mental health and wellbeing for employees.

Mental health webinars

HBF and its members have hosted free webinars to help small businesses and those working within the supply chain to understand mental health conditions and provide the tools needed to create their own mental health strategies. The webinars provide guidance on how businesses can start to make a difference and how to communicate and support employees who may be struggling. To find out more and to watch visit

Signposting to mental health support

There is a lot of information on mental health, and it can be overwhelming. HBF has created a mental health resources page that provides free information and confidential support to help businesses and employees and their families. From mental health apps to action plans for employers there is a range of support available, visit

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