1. Workplace Safety

It is a legal requirement for all businesses to have a Health and Safety Policy in place, a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy ought to be an integral part of this. A clearly documented policy that all members of staff are aware of helps to reduce accidents at work especially where heavy plant and machinery is used. 

  1. Quality of Work

Individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol will produce poor quality of work and low levels of productivity. Poor quality work may impact your business’s reputation as well as increasing safety risks. An unproductive employee costs your money and can lower staff morale which, in turn, can be catalyst for further issues with productivity. 

  1. Reduce Staffing Costs

 Pre-employment screening helps you to guard against employing individuals who might be misusing drugs or alcohol. Prevention is better than cure and can help you save on recruitment costs. Absenteeism is one of the largest costs associated with drug and alcohol use.  

  1. Reduce Damage to Reputation

Maintaining a level of high quality of work for clients is essential for all business, at the end of the day reputation is built upon quality of work and delivery of service. A reputation can take years to build; but only one incident to ruin it. A staff member who is under the influence of drink or drugs at work when in contact with clients presents a significant risk to your business’s credibility. This in turn, could result in losing clients potentially having a detrimental impact on the performance of your business. 

  1. Help you win work

Providing a safe working environment for staff, and visitors should be a priority for organisations and demonstrating a comprehensive Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing policy will help to build your credibility and allow people to trust your business. In some instances, a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing policy is required in order to compete for and win contracts.


Racoo Screening works with organisations of all sizes to help implement effective workplace drug and alcohol testing policies that comply with national and, where relevant, international regulations. We also offer a complete drug and alcohol testing service, e-learning packages, and staff training. To find out more, contact us here.