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The drug and alcohol misuse policy is the fundamental element and most important part of any substance misuse program. There are many small and medium size enterprises which want to acknowledge and address this important issue as well as have ‘a duty of care’ to do so. They require a robust policy which will protect their business and employees. With this in mind, Racoo Screening has developed a cost effective framework where a standard policy document can easily be tailored and be accompanied by other necessary areas.


A useful, proven approach to educating the workforce on the risks and effects of substance misuse as well as how to access help is to provide an employee information guide. The guide is available within the framework and is branded with your company logo and colour scheme.


As part of their program, most companies will test their staff for drug and alcohol misuse . Our Sample Collection team is available throughout the UK to provide this service and can be used on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.

Racoo Screening will suggest the best testing method to meet your individual needs and provide all of the equipment and documentation required.

drugs and alcohol policy

Psychological assessments and Care pathways are available dependent on your needs and can form part of the package.



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    Why use Racoo Screening?

    Racoo Screening has 16 years’ experience in assisting companies and other organisations with the development and management of their drug and alcohol programme, including their drug and alcohol misuse policy.

    Whether you are a small business, large international corporate or public sector organisation, Racoo Screening can help with your individual requirements offering a professional, personal and flexible implementation and advice service.