When you consume alcohol, it goes through the digestive system, but it’s not digested as extensively as other foods and drinks.

Alcohol goes through the digestive system (not digested as extensively as other food/drinks)

Around 20% of the alcohol a person drinks is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream through the stomach.

A further 80% is absorbed by the small intestine and transported throughout the entire body.

Eventually, the alcohol is absorbed into the liver where the metabolism takes place. The standard rate for the liver to metabolize one unit of any alcoholic drink for the normal adult is one hour, but this is determined by age, gender, overall health, and body composition.

If you drink more than an ounce within an hour, your system becomes saturated.

The alcohol accumulates in the blood If you drink too much too quickly, you might get alcohol poisoning. which can be damaging to your brain cells, liver, and overall health over time.