There is no minimum amount of alcohol that can cause alcohol poisoning. Binge drinking is often the cause, but not always. It depends on your age, biological sex, height, weight, how much you have eaten, your general health and other drugs taken.

Don’t: Leave someone to ‘sleep it off’

When somebody has alcohol poisoning, you should place them in the recovery position. Never leave them to ‘sleep it off; as blood alcohol concentrations continue to rise as the digestive system continues working.

Don’t: Give a person coffee

Coffee will further dehydrate a person already dehydrated from alcohol. Severe dehydration can cause permanent brain damage.


Don’t: Make a person sick

Their gag reflexes will not be working properly and they could choke on their vomit.

Don’t: Walk a person around

A person with alcohol poisoning walking around could cause accidents.

Don’t: Put a person under a cold shower

Alcohol lowers the temperature of the body, which could lead to hypothermia.