99% of the UK’s oil and gas production comes from offshore locations which are often remote and isolated. When someone uses drugs and alcohol in an offshore working environment, it could adversely affect their job performance, productivity, and more seriously, the safety of employees. It is the responsibility of every oil and gas industry company to test its employees using strict drug and alcohol testing methods.

Offshore utility jobs can be physically demanding, working in all types of weather conditions and at heights, therefore any cause for concern related to illegal drugs, prescription medication, and alcohol is viewed seriously and should be dealt with. An employer’s commitment to upholding standards relating to alcohol and drug use shows a proactive and positive approach to the safety of its employees and company infrastructure.

Accidents are more likely to occur if drugs and alcohol are being misused offshore, especially in such a dangerous environment. Employers are at risk of having to pay compensation claims to employees after an offshore drilling rig accident, or more serious accidents such as blowouts, sunk rigs, and structural collapses if a fatal or non-fatal injury occurs and it emerges that an employee has caused this accident due to drugs or alcohol misuse in the working environment.

Racoo Screening works with oil and gas companies of all sizes to help implement effective workplace drug and alcohol testing policies that comply with international regulations. We also offer a complete drug and alcohol testing service, staff training, and e-learning packages. To find out more, contact us here.